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Mcaffeine Choco Caffeine Exfoliating Face Scrub 100Gm

Mcaffeine Choco Caffeine Exfoliating Face Scrub 100Gm
Product details:With mcaffeine choco caffeine face scrub say goodbye to the dry dull and lifeless skin moisturize and nourish while you scrub away all the dead skin cells blackheads roughness and impurities away rich cocoa and pure caffeine rejuvenate skin cells reduce fine lines and puffiness they awaken the skin and give it a boost of antioxidants gently exfoliate the dead skin and blackheads ease tan and wash the impurities away with walnut to reveal that glowing skin with hydrating and moisturerich ingredients like argan oil vitamin e shea butter and cocoa butter it makes your skin soft and smoothfor the times when you need to escape to your world of fantasy lose yourself in a warm chocolatey fragrance and get a skin thats supple hydrated and pampered.
Brand Name: Mcaffeine

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