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Naturals Rosehip Facial Oil - Pure Cold Pressed 30Ml

Naturals Rosehip Facial Oil - Pure Cold Pressed 30Ml
Product details:Rosehip seed oil is the best known natural skin lightening and repairing body and face oil that suits most skin types including sensitive skin additionally rosehip seed carrier oil also works as antiwrinkle and antiscar oil is known to lighten stretch marks the best thing about rosehip seed oil is that only a few drops applied on the affected area work wonders all naturals sources this oil directly from farms that are super strict about hygiene during distillation and consistency of the oil in every batch we guarantee that this oil is 100 concentrate of rosehip seeds and not a diluted product instructions at bedtime wash your face with water rub 34 drops between your fingers and apply on face daily for body parts with more exposed skin use 610 drops per application.
Brand Name: Pro Natural Care

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