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MTR Sambar Rice Ready To Eat 300g Box

MTR Sambar Rice Ready To Eat 300g Box

About: Mtr sambar rice ready to eat brings to you the traditional favourite of the south indian sambar redolent with rich spices for the typical home made sambar taste just heat and serve for a wholesome meal mtr is a well known brand for its tasty masalas and other indian processed food as well as the signature restaurants in bangalore spiced up with tasty vegetables to add that extra flavour to your meal the sambar rice could be enjoyed by the entire family product specs product specifications pack size 300 g carton product dimensions 300 g.

Benefits: Mtr sambar rice ready to eat is a special south indian dish that has a rich mix of lentils and vegetables lentils has multiple nutritional and health benefits children love the delicious vegetables in sambar and the spicy flavour you can enjoy this tasty sambar rice just by heating the contents and serving it hot for lunch or dinner and add a bite of pickle or papad for that authentic taste.

Features: Made with 100 natural ingredients no preparation required medium spicy lifestyle suitable for vegetarians lifestyle other text no trans fat safety warning do not use if the inner pouch is leaking or bloated usage preparation usage preparation and usage mtr tip serve with mtr pickle and papad.

Lifestyle: Made with 100 natural ingredients no preparation required medium spicy.

Storage: Type ambient.

Storage and care: Type box storage best before 12 months from manufacture store in a cool dry place once opened consume completely nutritional facts nutrition nutrition nutritional information per 100 g approx total trans fat content not more than 0 0 percent by weight saturated fat g 0 5 sodium mg 490 carbohydrate g 11 protein g 2 total fat g 1 polyunsaturated fat g 0 1 cholesterol mg 0 0 energy kcal 61 total saturated fat content not more than 0 5 percent by weight trans fat g 0 0 monounsaturated fat g 0 1 sugars g 0 3 additives.

Manufacturer name: Please refer the pack.

Importer name: Please refer the pack.

Best before days: 180.

Used by date: Please refer the pack.

Brand Name: MTR

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