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Oral-B Pro-Health Smartflex Soft Toothbrush 1pc

Oral-B Pro-Health Smartflex Soft Toothbrush 1pc

About: Tooth brushes often fail to live up to the expectations because of their stiff designs each one of us has unique tooth contours while ordinary toothbrushes are meant to work the same on all shapes this is the major reason why they fail to work effectively against dental plaque especially in the deep corners of the mouth oral b pro health smartflex soft toothbrush is first of its kind it is a tooth brush with a flexible head that can adjust itself in accordance with the needs of your teeths contour this way the adjusting pro flex head can ensure better cleaning of the teeth and the gum for every individual.

Benefits: The head of the toothbrush can flex from side to side matching the contours of your teeth it can remove plaque from the most difficult areas of the mouth it offers better cleaning along the gum line compared to any ordinary tooth brush this toothbrush is always gentle on your gum and enamel it helps in reducing gingivitis improves gum health and offers fresh breath.

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Best before days: 1825.

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Brand Name: ORALB

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