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Baskin Robbins Surprise Bar Cotton Candy 65 Ml

Baskin Robbins Surprise Bar Cotton Candy 65 Ml

Content: Baskin robbins cotton candy surprise bar is a rich cotton candy ice cream coated with raspberry flavoured white chocolate this colourful ice cream will surely remind you of your favourite childhood picnic treat ice cream layer 72 water milk solids sugar acidity regulator 330 331 stabilizers 461 412 407 emulsifier 471 contain permitted synthetic food colours 102 122 133 container added artificial flavouring substances cottond candy outer layer 28 white chocolate confectionery edible vegetable oil plam oil plam nernel oil sugar cocoa butter milk solids emulsifier 322 contain added permitted synthtic food colour 124 1277 and artificial raspberry flavour order a stick unwrap and enjoy happiness.

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Brand Name: Baskin Robbins

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