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Britannia Cake Nut & Raisin Romance 150 G Pouch

Britannia Cake Nut & Raisin Romance 150 G Pouch

Content: Indulge in every soft fresh and juicy bite as the delicious raisins and soft nuts come together to enchant you make your together moments and affair of the heart crunchy almonds and soft raisins come together with a hint of orange peel to tease your senses in this delicious cake refined wheat flour eggs sugar edible hydrogenated vegetable oils raisins 8 7 invert syrup humectants 422 420 orange peel cut 3 2 nut almond bits 2 7 butter 1 7 milk solids cake gel ii preservatives 202 emulsifier 450 i raising agent 500 ii per 100 g product approx carbohydrates 50 g sugar 32 g proteins 5 5 g fat 19 g saturated fatty acids 8 5 g monounsaturated fatty acids 5 5 g polyunsaturated fatty acids 1 5 g trans fatty acids 2 g cholesterol 65 mg energy 393 kcal calcium 65 mg ready to eat.

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Brand Name: Britannia

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