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Britannia Nutrichoice Oats Orange Almond Cookies 75 G

Britannia Nutrichoice Oats Orange Almond Cookies 75 G

Content: If you are on a lookout for a snack that is as nutritious and delicious these oats cookies are your right pick britannia gave oat biscuits a delicious makeover and healthy treats have never tasted this good before bringing together a delectable combo of oats orange and almonds you can now enliven your day at any time with this healthy and handy on the go snack eating oats is no more a bland affair refined wheat flour 37 sugar edible vegetable oil rolled oats 14 almond 3 wheat bran 2 7 liquid glucose raising agents 500 ii 450 i maltodextrin oat fibre 1 6 invert syrup milk solids 0 9 orange peel 0 5 emulsifiers 322 471 and edible common salt contain permitted natural food colour 150 d and added flavours nature identical artificial flavouring substances orange ready to eat.

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Brand Name: Britannia

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