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Colgate Strong Teeth Anti Cavity Toothpaste 200 G

Colgate Strong Teeth Anti Cavity Toothpaste 200 G

Content: Your trusted colgate strong teeth toothpaste now comes with amino shakti a unique formula containing arginine with an insoluble source of calcium and fluoride this new best ever colgate strong teeth formula vs previous formula with amino shakti provides 4 x strengthening power by providing protection from a mineral loss against acid attack vs an ordinary fluoride toothpaste the toothpaste helps add natural calcium from saliva through fluoride action and strengthens teeth from within this anticavity toothpaste also provides cleaner teeth and fresher breath with regular use when used as directed as a part of your daily oral care hygiene and regular professional care routine as directed by a dentist colgate indias no 1 toothpaste based on market share data is always 100 vegetarian toothpaste sorbitol silica sodium lauryl sulphate pvm ma copolymer gantrez sodium hydroxide flavor carrageenan gum titanium dioxide sodium saccharin triclosan sodium fluoride titanium dioxide coated mica charcoal eugenol in aqueous base.

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Brand Name: Colgate

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