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All Out Ultra Mosquito Vaporiser (1 Unit 1 Refill)

All Out Ultra Mosquito Vaporiser (1 Unit 1 Refill)
Product details:Benefits strong mosquito repellent adjustable power slider enabling to increase or decrease the output as the number of mosquitos features kills dengue mosquitoes intelligent protection automatic on off 3 protection modes safety warning caution doors and windows should be kept open while using precautions 1 keep away from foodstuffs empty foodstuff containers and animal s food 2 avoid contact with mouth eyes and skin 3 avoid inhalation while using 4 keep the electric machine out of the reach of the children while using the insecticide keep out of reach of children usage preparation usage preparation and usage to set hours of protection to thee desired position choose the hours of protection from 8 or 12 hrs moving the slider on the right to the desired position plug in the heater at the time of night you want it to start working and the heater will be programmed it will begin to work automatically at that very same time and duration day after day important the 80 or 12 hours will start from the moment the heater is plugged into the socket examples of setting product is plugged at 9 pm will work till 5 am next morning will turnoff from 5 am to 9 pm will turn on automatically at 9 pm again will run same schedule everyday product is plugged at 6 pm will work till 6 am next morning will turnoff from 6 am to 6 pm will turn on automatically at 6 pm again will run same schedule everyday when set in continuous setting the heater will continue to be on until it gets unplugged to reset the hours unplug the heater set the time and plug it again time will start counting again to set the intensity modes you can choose from 3 different intensity modes of protection low medium high to select push the left button different led light will be lit up for each setting lights display intensity level low regular mosquito incidence quickly eliminate mosquitoes and automatically returns to a low setting it works at high for 1 hour and then goes to low level medium mosquito incidence along the night need higher protection at the beginning and eventually goes down through the night it adjusts automatically according to your needs works at high level for 4 hours goes to medium level for 3 hours and then goes to low level high for continuous intense mosquito incidence or rainy season offers 50 higher release for higher efficacy than regular all out le these intensity modes will last according to the time selected on the time setting you can also turn the heater off by pressing a fourth time no le ds on the intensity button in case of electricity outage all out ultra liquid electric will move to the default medium intensity setting direction for use please read enclosed leaflet before use antidote no specific antidote is known treat symptomatically antihistamines may be given to control allergies recommendations recommended for use to control repel adult mosquitoes in house usage instructions keep these instructions for future reference refill change instructions 1 open the cover of the liquid refill avoid touching wick 2 insert refill into heater and snap into place firmly until a click is heard 3 do not lay the heater on its side 4 use in ventilated places 5 to stop the heater from working just unplug it or push the intensity level button until no led is on ways to protect yourself from mosquitoes plug in the heater and refill in an upright position make sure the heater is not covered by furniture or placed higher than the sleeper switch on the heater 30 minutes before going to bed here is what you can do to fight dengue eliminate sources of stagnant water including rain water collections on weekly basis cover empty clean domestic water containers plug in a liquid vaporizer just before sunset shut all others windows for 30 minutes and leave on for night protection cover your arms and legs and use insect repellent for outdoor protection use an insect killer aerosol when a large number of mosquitoes are present use a mosquito coil when sitting in an open area like a veranda always read label instructions for proper product usage these recommendations could help reduce the risk of dengue but do not guarantee its elimination storage type ambient storage and care type carton storage inflammable keep in cool dry place away from heat and open flame brand allout manufacturer name please refer the pack importer name please refer the pack best before days 730 used by date please refer the pack.
Brand Name: All Out

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