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Britannia Cakes Choco Chill 130 G Pouch

Britannia Cakes Choco Chill 130 G Pouch

Content: Britannia choco cake is soft and juicy and melts in your mouth it is suitable for all ages and these cakes are one of a kind it can be used for breakfast or teatime or to grasp a quick and tasty bite during the day these appetizing little treats are filled with the goodness of chocolate and milk and are very good quality per 100 g calories 51 kcal total fat 3 g saturated 1 g polyunsaturated 0 g monounsaturated 1 g trans 0 g cholesterol 8 mg sodium 0 mg potassium 0 mg total carbs 6 g dietary fiber 0 g sugar 3 g protein 1 g your tea breaks become more enjoyable with britannia choco cake when guests are there this is the perfect snack to offer its deliciousness leaves everyone happy and satisfied.

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Brand Name: Britannia

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