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Good Knight - Silver Power, Mosquito Mats, 30pc, Carton

Good Knight - Silver Power, Mosquito Mats, 30pc, Carton

About: Keep those pesky mosquitoes at bay with these power packed silver mats by good knight the strong vapors drive away the disease carrying mosquitoes from your homes so that you can enjoy a peaceful sleep all night long for maximum effect allow the heater to be on 45 minutes before you go to bed and keep the windows and doors closed so that the essence spreads to every corner of the house product specs product specifications pack size 30 pc product dimensions 30.

Features: Mosquito repellent mats to be used with good knight heater.

Storage: Type ambient.

Storage and care: Type carton storage keep out of reach of children.

Manufacturer name: Please refer the pack.

Importer name: Please refer the pack.

Best before days: 730.

Used by date: Please refer the pack.


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