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Harpic Flushmatic In-Cistern Pines Block Toilet Cleaner (100 g)

Harpic Flushmatic In-Cistern Pines Block Toilet Cleaner (100 g)

Benefits: Hassle free way to keep your toilet clean cleanses the toilet with every flush keeps germs stains and odor under control at all times can last more than a month based on usage starts working within 10 minutes of activation.

Features: Clear green water cleans with every flush provides continuous cleaning easy to use with no mess cleans with green action lasts upto one month depending on usage utility description harpic flushmatic is a tablet which can be dropped in the cistern attached to the toilet seat after that you can simply forget about keeping the toilet clean because that will now take care of it the harpic flushmatic pine works from inside the cistern it releases a powerful detergent every time you use the flush and this detergent dissolved in the water reaches every corner of the toilet to clean it and to maintain hygiene when you opt for the flushmatic pine a green whirlwind of water will cleanse your toilet of all stains leaving behind a pleasant odor one can also find blue harpic flushmatics safety warning keep out of reach of children in case of accidental contact with eyes rinse with water if swallowed seek medical advice usage preparation usage preparation and usage directions for use remove block from blister do not remove the cloth drop block into cistern but away from water inlet as shown to activate wait for 10 minutes before the first flush replace block when green colour disappears.

Storage: Type ambient.

Storage and care: Type pouch.

Manufacturer name: Please refer the pack.

Importer name: Please refer the pack.

Best before days: 720.

Used by date: Please refer the pack.

Brand Name: Harpic

Limited Stock