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Lite Horlicks Regular Malt Flavour Flavour (450 g)

Lite Horlicks Regular Malt Flavour Flavour (450 g)

Benefits: Contains vital nutrients for cell repair and strength building rich in fibre and low on fat contains antioxidants and proteins.

Features: 6 antoxidant nutrients high protein zero cholesterol safety warning do not use if inner seal beneath the cap is missing or broken replace the cap tightly store in a clean and dry place away from sunlight usage preparation usage preparation and usage take 200 ml of hot or cold milk or water add 3 heaped teaspoonfuls 25 g of horlicks lite stir quickly to mix well add a little sugar if required.

Storage: Type ambient.

Storage and care: Type jar nutritional facts nutrition nutrition nutrients qty 100 g approx vitamin b 1 2 4 vitamin b 2 1 3 mg calcium 800 mg fatty acid iron 27 4 mg saturated fat 1 5 g vitamin b 12 2 4 mcg pantothenic acid 5 mg mono unsaturated 0 3 g trans fatty acid 0 g vitamin a 800 m energy 361 kcal vitamin d 5 mcg vitamin e 10 mg vitamin c 90 mg fibre 3 g carbohydrate 71 g selenium 34 mcg magnesium 88 4 mg copper 1 8 mg iodine 150 mcg poly unsaturated 0 3 g folic acid 400 mcg of which sugar sucrose 0 g biotin 30 mcg niacin 16 mg zinc 4 2 mg protein 13 g cholesterol 0 mg fat 2 1 g chromium 30 mcg vitamin b 6 2 6 mg rda 2 serve vitamin b 1 50 vitamin b 2 50 calcium 40 fatty acid iron 100 saturated fat vitamin b 12 50 pantothenic acid 50 mono unsaturated trans fatty acid vitamin a 67 energy vitamin d 50 vitamin e 50 vitamin c 100 fibre carbohydrate selenium 50 magnesium 17 copper 100 iodine 50 poly unsaturated folic acid 100 of which sugar sucrose biotin 50 niacin 50 zinc 15 protein cholesterol fat chromium 50 vitamin b 6 100 known functions of nutrients vitamin b 1 supports release of energy vitamin b 2 calcium helps in maintenance of optional bone health for s fatty acid iron saturated fat vitamin b 12 helps in maintenance of healthy blood and importan pantothenic acid mono unsaturated trans fatty acid vitamin a energy vitamin d vitamin e vitamin c antioxidant nutrients fibre carbohydrate provides energy selenium magnesium copper iodine poly unsaturated folic acid of which sugar sucrose biotin niacin zinc protein aids in tissue repair and maintenance cholesterol fat chromium vitamin b 6 additives.

Manufacturer name: Please refer the pack.

Importer name: Please refer the pack.

Best before days: 360.

Used by date: Please refer the pack.

Brand Name: Lite Horlicks

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