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Sunfeast Pasta Sour Cream Onion 70 G Pouch

Sunfeast Pasta Sour Cream Onion 70 G Pouch

Content: Sunfeast pasta treat in sour cream onion flavour full wheat based immediate pasta is a well snacking option for young adults and children it has got a rich creamy and yummy flavor which would just make pasta soften in your mouth along with extra kick of onion and a mild bitterness which makes it even taste better milk solids wheat flour 3 0 lodised salt whey powder hydrogenated vegetable oil corn flour onion powder 0 7 dairy creamer 0 7 dehydrated onion bits 0 7 garlic powder sugar yeast extract powder white pepper powder acidity regulator ina 330 dehydrated onion leeks 0 1 thickener ina 1450 and flavour enhancers ina 627 ina 631 take 240 ml 1 1 2 cups approx of water and bring to boil open pack and add pasta sauce maker 1 1 2 tbs of butter optional cook for 8 10 mins of medium flame stirring continuously allow pasta to stand for 1 2 mins with lid on your delicious pasta is now ready to eat.

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Brand Name: Sunfeast

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